Janika Slowik

Jewellery artist

Janika Slowik was born 1993 in Nürnberg/Germany. After attending the one year art school Werkbund at 18, she discovered the field of contemporary Jewellery. She started her studies in the department jewellery and everyday objects in Pforzheim/Germany. In her graduation project 21 Gram she focussed on her fascination for the laser cutter and the way the technique can change the essence of the material. Afterwards she continued her studies with the master object & jewellery in Hasselt/Belgium. In this graduation project jewellery moment, she experimented with the connection between light and jewellery.


english master program „object and jewelry“
PXL-MAD school of arts Hasselt/Belgium

Bachelor „Jewellery and everyday objects“
university Pforzheim

technical course
university Pforzeim

artistic Orientation Year
Werkbund Werkstatt Nürnberg


Munich Jewellery Week 2018
„mindMADders“ at the Lovelace Hotel
with current obsession

„Marzee for Starters“ since 2017
„Frame“ MJW

international graduate show Marzee 2017

NN-Kunstpreis 2017


nomination for purchase at Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim 2017

first prize Goldstadtcup Pforzheim 2017