mind MADders

Most of the time exhibitions focus on showing the end results of the creative process, the final pieces. In our exhibition #mindMADders, we, the master students Object & Jewellery of the PXL-MAD School of Arts, show the visitors that side of the creative process which is often invisible when exhibiting. For us, one of the most important aspects of a project is the process. The part where the theme is decided and the mood, colours, sounds and atmosphere of our final pieces are already clear in our mind, but we don’t yet know how everything will add up, or what the finished work will look like.
We want the visitors to step into the atmosphere of each of our projects, immerse themselves in our work-in-progress, to imagine how they would finalise the design process and which work they would create. As the visitors look at our displays and create their own personal image of what our finalised projects might look like, they are encouraged to draw what they imagine. This way, each visitor will contribute to our work: the exhibition itself will become a work-in-progress, as the ever-increasing number of drawings will become part of the exhibition. The images drawn by our visitors are turned into unique badges, which the next participants take with them.