Jewellery Moment

A glimpse into a childhood memory, when the world was as beautiful as it could ever be: while playing in the sea on a hot summer day. The water glittering all around, catching the light and reflecting it in every direction. Everywhere you look there is something that catches the eye. The world in that view is always in motion, never resting and always challenging, directing the eye from one point to another.

For Janika Slowik, these precious little details are what makes the world worth looking at. They are more about moments than material. But in spite of that, they are jewellery. More precisely, they are Jewellery Moments.

In this combination of the words jewellery and moment, the jewellery symbolizes the adornment and the moment imply that it is not lasting. By connecting these two words they influence and change each other. Jewellery, which is often connected to its materiality, loses its claim on the substance and can also exist on another level.

These Jewellery Moments can be found in many different places. They can be found in the rainbow that colors the sky with its whole spectrum of colors. Or in the way the light is reflected from a glass of water, where you can make out the patterns on the ground. They bring color into a black and white surrounding, bring contrast into a uniformly colored space and bring poetry into the world.

Essential for the Jewellery Moment is light. Despite its habitual status in our life, it still has the power to fascinate us. It has a big impact on our emotions and defines how we experience the world around us.

In her pieces, Janika Slowik interprets her own Jewellery Moments. They play with the light surrounding them, interact and interfere with it. The incoming light changes the appearance of the pieces. The usually achromatic transparent film of the Katalysator pieces becomes vivid in the colors of the rainbow, and the light patterns on the surface of the Interference pieces increase and change.

Despite their defined shapes, the pieces stay blurry and change depending on the perspective and light quality around them. The effects are always in motion and unfold their beauty in the interaction with the one playing with it. This way they still represent the subjective experience of a moment and its emotion.

The base of every piece is a laser cut shape in stainless steel, which is laser welded. This clear form gets contrasted by a hand cut form in different plastic based materials and shapes. Though the second part also needs a clear inner structure to interact in this specific way with the incoming light, its aura is much more distracting and emotional. It needs the defined base to reinforce the appearing effect, and at the same time to frame it.

The pieces function as Jewellery Moment catalyzers. By wearing them, the wearer and viewer see more of these precious little details, making their world more beautiful.